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Who We Are

GenOne is a young, lean product development firm founded by two MIT students. We care about helping our clients build not only a successful product, but a successful business.

How we work

We understand that needs change when developing an idea. So we sign small contracts with clients so they don't lock themselves into a large contract right off the bat. You’ll immediately be talking to a key engineer, most likely one of the founders, who will give you candid feedback and pay close attentions to your needs.

What We Do

We focus on solving problems by innovating and using technology. Most of our work has revolved around electromechanical and software products. Our clients have asked us to build prototypes, improve on their existing products, scale up their existing processes, perform research, and even perform scientific research. Though we focus on product development, we also offer product management and business development aid.

How are we different

Each client is unique for us, with a unique set of needs. Unlike a large design firm, we prefer a personal experience with our clients. We like to take our time to work with our clients to ensure they are building an idea that really solves their problems. Other design firms or freelancers might take on a project without considering the many implications of the product development process. We challenge our clients to think about market viability, exit strategies, and other tough questions that need to be answered before starting, and we work with them to achieve their goals every step of the way.

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