What We're Like


Nothing worth doing is easily accomplished. We put the time and effort into all our projects to help them succeed.


We take on projects that we care about and that is what you want from an engineer. Your success matters to us.


We love building technology. It’s why we’re happy to call ourselves nerds. It’s our way of thinking and our way of helping you.


Often times, an idea may seem sound but might not have legs to stand on. We’ll challenge you to think critically about your idea to achieve your goal.


Impact is important to us. We look for projects that will have a positive benefit on the world.


Our imaginations are infinite but our capabilities are not. If we aren’t the best fit for you, we’ll let you know.

What We're Good At

Mechanical Engineering

From complex, motorized systems to injection molded cases we can help you design, prototype, and draft up your mechanical ideas.

Electrical Engineering

If you need a Printed Circuit Board, we can start with proto-boarding your idea, developing it into a schematic, and bring it to life with a custom PCB.

Software Engineering

We focus on application development, both web and mobile, but venture into machine learning and firmware development.

Think of us as the MVPs of MVPs

Constructing prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) help inform our design process and force us to think critically about an idea’s functionality.

We prototype using 3D printing, adapting off-the-shelf parts, or by working with manufacturers. We’re constantly on the lookout for new prototyping sources to add even greater value.

We’re Fluent IoT

Our specific engineering expertise revolves around smart devices and the Internet of Things. We understand the value of data, information security, user interface and design, embedded sensors, machine learning, AI, and more. Designing products in this new, interconnected age requires more than the ability to code – engineers must be able to see the big picture.

We’re Into Getting Things Done

When it comes time to launch your idea, whether it’s software or hardware, we know how to get you to market. For software, we’ll create the user architecture, set up the server, and prep for analytics. For hardware, we know how to scale for manufacturing and assembly.

The Perfect Workflow


Start off by defining the problem and figuring out the MVP


Create some initial designs and review to make sure we’re on the same page


Create something physical to learn about the design


Continue the process of designing and prototyping until the mark is hit


Send it out to the world! We’ll help you make sure the world receives it

We’re Ready to Go

And we’re good listeners

What drives you? Your goals, your ambitions, your passions – we want to hear it all, along with your plans for the idea. Let us help you make it all come true.